Become A Great Leader of Great Purpose

 Master in Transformational Leadership

How to Lead and Effect Change in an Organization, Community, or in a Nation for the  Benefice of the People

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The Program of "Great Leader for Great Purpose" at the United States Institute of Leadership and Diplomacy has focused on training world class international public and private sector leaders, expected to be wise enough and strong enough to advocate and implement policies deemed to promote the spirit of peace, liberty and justice, and transform organizations, communities, nations, and our world for the benefice of people.​ This is a role-play course where participants will learn and will be imparted with skills expected to put him/her in a position of an outstanding master of the art and science of advocacy, a defender and litigator of good cause, a winer in debate contests, a great negotiator and diplomat, a master of the art of speaking with purpose, a great change-maker, and a motivator and inspirer of hope that positively effect the minds of the followers or constituencies. After completion of the 12 modules bellow and successfully pass the required exams, participants will be granted the Title of of A Master of the Art of "Great Leader of A Great Purpose". The program focuses on the following pillars:

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